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Lenovo's Commercial Sustainability Initiatives
in Packing

Packaged with the Environment in Mind

Lenovo is committed to minimizing environmental impact by reducing packaging size and materials while ensuring product protection.


    • Recycled and Renewable Materials:

    • Increasing the use of recycled and renewable materials in packaging.

    • Incorporating bio-based materials to enhance sustainability.

    • Size Reduction and Reusability:

    • Reducing product packaging size.

    • Expanding the use of bulk and reusable packaging solutions.

    • Bamboo and Sugar Cane Fiber:

    • Introducing eco-friendly packaging with bamboo and sugar cane fibers.

    • Achieving 6.7% less transportation CO2 emissions in selected product shipments.

    • Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP):

    • Researching and implementing OBP in packaging, aiming for 30% OBP mixed with 70% recycled plastic.

    • Expanding OBP usage in various product lines, estimating 130 to 140 metric tons per year.

    • Plastic-Free Packaging:

    • Striving for plastic-free packaging, exemplified in ThinkPad X1 and Z series.

    • Combining bamboo fiber technology and innovative materials to eliminate 192 metric tons of plastic.

    • Supplier Specifications:

    • Setting requirements for corrugated container packaging with a minimum of 70% post-consumer fiber content.

    • Mandating the use of FSC certified fibers for ThinkPad products and select consumer notebooks.

    • Bulk Packaging:

    • Offering bulk and reusable bulk packaging options for select products in specific regions.

For more details, refer to Lenovo's latest ESG ( ) report for comprehensive information on their sustainable product packaging solutions.