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Frequently Asked Questions

Motorola-certified Motorola parts can be purchased from one of our Motorola-authorized resellers. Or you can contact us to learn more about purchasing Motorola parts in your region. If you are a service center or parts reseller, contact your sales representative for more information on how to purchase genuine Motorola parts.
All Motorola-certified Motorola Parts are new.
Yes. DIY sites like iFixit offer tutorials and other information about self-repair. Choose genuine Motorola parts for best results - and to keep your phone under warranty (when applicable). Evidence of post-repair functionality issues caused by improper repair may render remaining warranty void.
Yes. You can contact customer support to facilitate both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. And you can check your warranty status with by looking up your IMEI number here.
Yes. Any repair performed using a non-OEM replacement part will void the remainder of your phone’s original warranty. To keep your device covered under its remaining original warranty, use only Motorola-certified Motorola parts when performing a repair.
Contact our customer support team here.