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Elevating Basketball Together

This multi-year agreement is more than just sponsorship, it’s a partnership that demonstrates Motorola’s strong commitment to enhancing the fan experience and exploring new edges. The joint mission is to elevate the game of basketball, fuelled by shared passion and dedication.
Image of a basketball court. A player wearing a green jersey is shouting passionately on the court, fists clenched by his sides. In the background, other players from the same team can be seen, along with a crowded grandstand filled with spectators.Image of a basketball game. A blue player attempts to shoot the ball into the basket, but two yellow players block him in the air. One player from each team watches closely. In the background, there is a full grandstand with people watching.

"I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Motorola, one of the most iconic mobile technology brands, that shares our core values of a fan-centric approach and continuous innovation. We look forward to working collaboratively with Motorola to deliver an enhanced experience for Euroleague fans across our diverse markets”, Gawain Davies, Euroleague Basketball Senior Director Corporate Partnerships & Licensing.

Motorola remains at the forefront of innovation in the transformation of smartphone technology. Euroleague Basketball, known for its premier basketball competitions, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the BKT EuroCup, has consistently prioritised its fans and the unique atmosphere generated during its games. The collaboration between Euroleague Basketball and Motorola signifies a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation while keeping fans at the heart of the game. As the partnership unfolds, both organisations are excited to introduce groundbreaking advancements that will enhance the fan experience in the world of European basketball.

“We strive to be a consumer-first brand and through our latest partnership, we can connect with consumers across the Euroleague community and empower them to live life through their own lens and passions. We’re thrilled to partner with Euroleague Basketball and bring to life our joint ambition of being generators of positive change”, Fabio Capocchi, EMEA MBG General Manager.

From the electrifying energy on the court to the seamless connectivity off the court, Motorola and EuroLeague redefine the connection of sports and technology. Welcome to the Motorola-EuroLeague experience – where purpose meets passion, and the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.