Won't crack when times get tough

You deserve a phone that won’t crack when gravity wins. ShatterShield™, exclusively from Motorola, is the world’s first smartphone display guaranteed not to crack or shatter*. Now available exclusively on Moto X Force.


Moto ShatterShield is an exclusive system consisting of five layers designed to absorb shock and guaranteed not to crack or shatter.

Layer 1: Exterior Protective Lens - A protective layer with a proprietary hardcoat designed to guard against dents and abrasion.

Layer 2: Interior Lens - This highly transparent layer provides a clear protective shield that won’t crack or shatter.

Layer 3: Dual touch layer - In the event of an impact that damages the primary touch-sensitive layer, a second layer takes over to maintain touchscreen performance.

Layer 4: Stunning AMOLED display - The flexible AMOLED display absorbs shock and provides amazing picture quality.

Layer 5: Aluminum chassis - A rigid aluminum chassis provides structural integrity and durability.


4-year shatterproof warranty

Your ShatterShield display is guaranteed not to crack or shatter for four years.**
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Caring for your display

Get more information on how to care for your Moto ShatterShield display.
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